Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well after a near disaster on the flight to Dallas, where they informed us there was no overhead room and we would have to check ALL our carry-on bags through to Santiago (yea, right!! and entertain kids for 11 hours and feed them and change their clothes should mishaps occur), we managed to charm a New Yorker with our Texan charm and finagle the bags on board.  No one slept, so after a beautiful sunny day in Santiago, where we forced the kids to walk a few miles to get "used to it," we are heading to bed. Glad to be here safely!

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  1. Glad you averted the disaster! I actually dreamed about you all that night, all sorts of bizarre associations and scenarios, as is the stuff of dreams. One detail in the dream I remember - your boys rebelled and decided they didn't want to go to Chile, so you and Dave left them in G'town. Glad to hear that wasn't at all reality based. And so cool to hear about their immediate language acquisition!