Sunday, February 5, 2012

Today, a wonderful summer day, was spent by all at a friend's "campo" near Concepcion in celebration of his parent's 50th wedding anniversary and his daughter's birthday. Several selections of meat, veggies, and cakes were worked off by watering the 20 or 30 trees recently planted by the family in their efforts towards preservation and biodiversity.  The children spent the day eating plums, climbing in a tree house, and playing tag and hide-and-seek (new words, along with ven conmigo and ven aca).  Dave sustained several conversations in Spanish, and the kids disappeared for several hours into the woods allowing me time to reconnect with friends and forge ahead with my recollection of Chilean slang.  Since we have been so active, and the sun shines bright, we have been consuming a lot of bottled water.  Throwing away plastic water bottles feels like a mortal sin, but we have only found recycling centers that take glass.  Fernando uses plastic bottles as a sort of "drip system" for his trees, so it is good to see some environmental concern and one can only hope recycling quickly comes to such a gorgeous, mountainous country.

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