Thursday, February 16, 2012

A full day! Run in the am at the park with the boys, lunch while watching "Esponja Bob" (crude humor is transnational), then off to the school to have an "entrevista" (assessment) of the boys' level. Cole was taken to a room for a test, but I got to watch him on closed circuit tv!! Wow!! Tj got to hang in kindergarden and they both seem very excited. New words: colegio, clase, and they are starting to kiss on the cheek when greeting folks without much complaint or frozen bodies.  I bought the boys bikes today too! They need to get out, enjoy the weather (for now) and the Univ. de Conce. is perfect because the interior is all car free.  I also drove a car for the very first time in Chile....a stick shift to boot. Circling in for a purchase it seems.

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