Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Weekend. Besides having to spend 5 hours heading downtown to Lan Chile (airlines--planning a trip to Vina del Mar for Dave's next visit), to find it closed, then out to the mall for the other branch, where they don't take cash, to the grocery store to pay for a coupon with the cash to head back to the airlines to actually get the ticket, we had a good weekend. Nice weather (rain hasn't started yet), catching up on sleep, and a lot of swimming at the Y, bike rides at the University, and Lego playing on the floor. Netflix has given the boys a good break, and we learned how to change the language on some of the films so we can keep up with Spanish at home.

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  1. What a crazy weekend ! Glad you all are having fun. I can't wait to see you all for the trip to Vina.
    Happy Easter !