Tuesday, July 24, 2012

There have been a lot of new firsts here in Chile (besides skateboarding on a ramp for the first time):
Tj lost his first tooth in the elevator
Living in a building with an elevator
Experiencing their first earthquake (6.2)
Learning Spanish and attending a bilingual school
Wearing an uniform to school (mom really likes that)
Discovering Nutella
Taking piano (Cole) and playing with the big boys at the YMCA (Tj)
Skiing on a Volcano (Chillan)
Running down a Sand Dune (San Pedro de Atacama)
Going to Children's Theater productions (in Spanish)
Eating A LOT of ice-cream
Watching "Bob Esponja" and other children's tv shows in Spanish without complaint
Learning to fall asleep with the sound of squealing buses and disco music going on outside
Playing in the water and sand of the (very cold) Pacific ocean

and the list goes on. . .

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