Sunday, June 24, 2012

3:30 wake up call, rough drive-up (and a little car sickness), followed by breakfast at 13008 feet (and 1 degree F temperature) all in order to witness the sunrise over a geyser field.  It was pretty amazing, despite the sacrifices. Boys did great! Tj even swam with Dad in the hot springs. We walked in the desert on the back way down to San Pedro. What a day of sharp and stark contrasts. The afternoon was followed by a bike ride/ run (air felt so much thicker here) and early bed time. Return to reality tomorrow. We head back to Concepcion, Dave heads back to Texas. I am amazed by what the boys are learning about geology (a mix of Spanish and English) and how friendly they are to Chileans and tourists alike. Neither one of them is scared to say: Hola. Buenos dias! I think the lesson of "es necesario siempre saludar" has finally sunk in.

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