Monday, March 26, 2012

Well, many of you have asked what the boys reactions (new keyboard. . .cant find the punctuation since they dont use the apostrophe) to the 7.2 earthquake felt here yesterday (the epicenter was 2 hours north) (I think we "only"  felt a 5.7 but it was a long one).

TJ: (After making him come under the dining room table with me. Two minutes later we were still under the table). "Mom...I really want to get out and play legos."

Now, I also need to preface all of this with the rumblings of the nearby Volcano Llaima (most active in South America) that was just north of where we were this weekend in Pucon. When I heard that they had evacuated the National Park there, and that we may be able to see the lava if it did indeed start to "blow", the boys quickly threw on their shoes in their pjs and headed up the hill to "see the sights." I would say that the boys are taking things in stride!!!

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